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Harder, Faster, Deeper.

Digmax Excavator Attachments

Our extensive range of Digmax products is built tough to go harder, faster and deeper! Enhance the productivity and efficiency of your plant. Browse through our offerings or get in touch and we'll find the right Digmax attachment for you.

Digmax General Purpose Digging Buckets:

Offering unparalleled value, Digmax General Purpose Digging buckets have the ideal profile for excavation and wear strips for durability. The scoop shape and chamfered back corners reduce fuel consumption and sticking, while the longer opening maximizes production.

Digmax 360° Slipmax Bucket:

The affordable Digmax 360° Slipmax continuous rotation bucket offers versatility for grading, contouring, and working in tight spaces. It attaches to standard quick couplers and has a low profile and scoop shape for easy access under service lines.

Digmax Rock/Heavy Duty Digging Buckets:

Built with bisaloy wear strips and heel shrouds, Digmax Rock/Heavy Duty digging buckets are made to last. They come with Cat J-Series teeth and adaptors, with replacement teeth available from Digmax.

Digmax Grab Rakes:

Designed in response to contractors' needs, Digmax Grab Rakes feature solid bisaloy tynes and extra wear plates for durability. The hydraulic circuit allows for independent arm pressure on uneven loads, and the grab arms open up for raking material.

Digmax Compaction Wheels:

Compatible with 12-ton and 20-ton excavators, Digmax 600mm wide compaction wheels feature four removable pins for increased versatility.

Digmax Stick/Arm Extensions and Long Reach Fronts:

Offering a cost-effective solution for extra reach, Digmax stick/arm extensions can be custom-built for various applications. Long reach fronts can also be custom-built for carrier machines ranging from 5-ton to 350-ton excavators.

Digmax Wide Cleaning Buckets:

Designed for sticky, heavy New Zealand soils, Digmax wide cleaning buckets feature chamfered back corners for a "low stick" experience. The scoop shape provides a larger opening for increased efficiency and reduced fuel consumption, while the longer floor allows for better visibility during grading work.

Digmax Trench Buckets:

The scoop profile of Digmax trench buckets minimizes material sticking and allows for easy material dumping. The long opening provides ample heaped capacity, and the buckets are fitted with Cat J-Series adaptors and teeth.

Digmax Grapples:

Versatile and customizable, Digmax grapples come in various sizes and applications, from pole placement to demolition. Mechanical and hydraulic types are available, with or without 360° rotation.

Digmax Sieve/Screening Buckets:

Custom-built to order, Digmax sieve/screening buckets are made from the toughest materials and can be tailored to suit machine, application, hole size, and capacity requirements.

Digmax Demolition Attachments:

Known for their quality and affordability, Digmax demolition attachments include mechanical and hydraulic pulverisers, hydraulic shears, grapples, and double ram grab buckets. Custom designs and builds are available.

ABEX Rock Breakers:

Engineered for perfection, ABEX Rock Breakers are designed for carrier machines from 1.5-ton to 80-ton, with larger builds available upon request. ABEX focuses on quality, durability, and performance.

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Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer onsite services/repairs?

Yes, we are a mobile engineering team and can come to you! If you have a breakage in the middle of nowhere then we are the team to call.

What services does Nicholls Town & Country Engineering provide?

We offer a wide range of services, including general engineering and fabrication, structural steel fabrication and installation, dairy yard modifications and rebuilding, and supplying Digmax excavator attachments.

How can I get a quote for your engineering services?

You can request a quote through our website, or feel free to call us directly. We'll be glad to discuss your project and provide you with a detailed quote.

Do you provide engineering services for residential properties?

Yes, we do. Our structural steel fabrication and installation services cater to both residential and commercial structures.

What kind of work do you do in dairy yards?

Our team can handle a variety of dairy yard projects, including creating yard extensions, replacing high tensile wire with steel railing, and modifying or rebuilding entire yards.

What types of Digmax buckets do you offer?

We offer a wide range of Digmax buckets, including General Purpose Digging Buckets, 360° Slipmax Bucket, Rock/Heavy Duty Digging Buckets, Grab Rakes, Compaction Wheels, Stick/Arm Extensions and Long Reach Fronts, Wide Cleaning Buckets, Trench Buckets, Grapples, Sieve/Screening Buckets, and Demolition Attachments.

What is special about the Digmax 360° Slipmax Bucket?

The Digmax 360° Slipmax continuous rotation bucket is designed for grading, contouring, and working in tight spaces. Its low profile and scoop shape allow for easy access under service lines, making it a versatile choice for various construction tasks.ent...

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